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5 top reasons to visit Townsville

While most people take a vacation to relax, part of a successful vacation is excitement. You can only lounge by the pool for so long before you get itchy feet and want to do something that stimulates the senses. For your next vacation destination, consider Townsville, located in Queensland, Australia. The 5 top reasons to visit Townsville are easy to see.


Great Barrier Reef

A deep sea diver’s paradise the Great Barrier Reef puts on a show unlike anywhere else in the world. Composed of over 2,900 separate reefs and 900 islands covering over 2,600 kilometer the reef covers an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometers populated by a variety of fish and underwater vegetation.


Magnetic Island

Eight kilometers offshore from Townsville is Magnetic Island. The island covers fifty two square kilometers of mountainous terrain and is home to a small community of permanent residents. The island offers fishing, boating and sailing, parks with an abundance of wildlife, art galleries and much more entertainment. A ferry runs between Townsville and Magnetic Island seven days a week



Up for a little adventure? Put on hiking shoes and visit the rugged terrain of Paluma Range National Park’s rainforest, about an hour’s drive from Townsville. Keep that camera handy to capture panoramic views, and the rainforest’s unique vegetation, wildlife and bird life.


Coral Reef Aquarium

If you can’t partake in deep sea diving or even swim, a visit to the Coral Reef Aquarium is the next best thing. The aquarium offers an ever changing view of the Great Barrier Reef and you’ll get to see thousands of fish without getting wet. The aquarium is located on Flinders Street East, just a short walk from Townsville.



And then there the nightlife of Townsville of course. After a long day of relaxing on the beach, swimming among the fishes or hiking in the rainforest, kick up your heels in one of the many clubs Townsville has to offer and dance the night away until dawn.

These are the 5 top reasons to visit Townsville, but there are many more. If there’s one thing Townville is good at, it’s entertaining its locals and tourists.

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