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5 top things to do in Townsville

Townsville Queensland Australia If you are needing a holiday or just a day or two break from the grind of daily life I can think of no place better to spend your time than the city of Townsville in the tropical region of Queensland Australia. With a population of just over 170,000 Townsville is big enough to offer all the amenities of a city but thankfully still has a small …Read More

5 top reasons to visit Townsville

While most people take a vacation to relax, part of a successful vacation is excitement. You can only lounge by the pool for so long before you get itchy feet and want to do something that stimulates the senses. For your next vacation destination, consider Townsville, located in Queensland, Australia. The 5 top reasons to visit Townsville are easy to see.   Great Barrier Reef A deep sea diver’s paradise …Read More

Discovering the World’s Largest Living Coral Reef Aquarium

Both local and international visitors to Australia find worlds of wonder as they explore the world’s largest living coral aquarium at the ReefHQ Aquarium in Townsville. This stunning scientific exploration of the coral ecosystem is located in the City Centre and in close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, a worldwide treasure. Special Exhibits at the ReefHQ The main attractions are the 200,000 gallon predator tank and a vast aquarium …Read More

The history of Townsville

Townsville is located on Queensland north-eastern coast in Australia. Neighbouring the central part of the Great Barrier Reef, Townsville is Australia’s biggest city north of the Sunshine Coast.   Once upon a long, long time ago, Townsville was like so many other Australian towns – a barren piece of land. But to Robert Towns, a wealthy business man from Sydney who was passing through the area it wasn’t just any piece of …Read More

Planning a Great Barrier Reef family vacation

The Great Barrier Reef is an ideal vacation spot for those who love sea life, water sports, or just want a relaxing beach vacation with the family. Visitors can get up close and personal with hundreds of different species and types of sea life as they snorkel or dive. In Townsville, visitors can take a dive next to the Yongala Wreck where they can see the remains of the ship …Read More

The Great Barrier Reef: Live the Dream at Mariners North Apartments

If you have been looking for a great holiday getaway spot on Australia’s Eastern Coastline, now is your chance. The Mariners North Apartments feature a fully-furnished high-quality apartment complex in Townsville, within plain view of the Great Barrier Reef. The Barrier Reef is one of the most appealing natural attractions on the Eastern Coast of Australia. Townsville is a quaint little community right on the coast and there are many reasons people come …Read More

Oceanfront Apartments: Your Vacation Paradise

YOUR VACATION PARADISE If you are looking for a true vacation paradise on Queensland’s East Coast, look no further than the Mariners North Holiday Resort Apartments in Townsville. They are the only true oceanfront apartments in Townsville. Their view is breathtaking with easy access to the Great Barrier Reef and many other attractions. The Mariners North Holiday Resort Apartments are high-quality efficient, spacious units which offer something for everyone. SOME OF THE AMENITIES INCLUDE: Spacious …Read More

Discover Townsville and the Great Barrier Reef

Adventurous travelers and nature lovers have long known that Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef sets the world standard for sparkling, pristine waters and vibrant marine life, but urban-living aficionados also find much to enchant them during a holiday trek to Townsville. The combination of world-class amenities and access to some of nature’s most stunning gifts combine to make this the destination of dreams for discriminating travelers. Aquariums and Wildlife As the winner …Read More