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Discovering the World’s Largest Living Coral Reef Aquarium

Both local and international visitors to Australia find worlds of wonder as they explore the world’s largest living coral aquarium at the ReefHQ Aquarium in Townsville. This stunning scientific exploration of the coral ecosystem is located in the City Centre and in close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, a worldwide treasure.

Special Exhibits at the ReefHQ

The main attractions are the 200,000 gallon predator tank and a vast aquarium open to the elements. With a pneumatic wave machine that successfully mimics the tides, it is home to more than 120 species of coral, both hard and soft. Interacting with the naturally constructed coral reef within the aquarium are a vast array of tropical fish species, waving sponges, colourful and spiky sea urchins, as well as the beloved sea stars that call the ocean their home.

A special program is devoted to sea turtles. The turtle hospital cares for sick and injured members of these endangered creatures and returns them to their vast watery world once they have regained health. Museum staff conducts twice daily talks on turtles each day.

Anyone who is fascinated by sharks must plan their visit around the thrice weekly shark feeds. Watch as these predators congregate and devour their food. Special predator dive shows will delight and amaze.

Conference facilities are available as well as guided tours and school visits.

Where to Stay While Visiting Townsend, Australia and the ReefHQ

The ReefHQ is located in a central location of Townsend so there are plenty of rooms available for rent in the area. However, to really appreciate the beauty of Australia’s ocean views, a stay at the Mariners North Holiday Apartments in Townsville is advised. Located close to the ReefHQ as well as to the boats bound for the Great Barrier Reef itself, international and local visitors are treated to the best that the country has to offer.

The two and three bedroom apartments are perfect for families and groups travelling together. Guests experience four star luxury at surprisingly affordable prices. After hitting the local tourist attractions, cuisine, and nightlife, our guests appreciate the salt water pool and tennis courts provided on the Mariners North Holiday Apartments grounds at the end of a long, wonderful day in Townsend.

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