Did you know that Magnetic Island offers two great snorkel trails? These awesome underwater trails are marked by surface floats with handles, with special points of interest so you can learn about a variety of fish species as well as historic ship wreck sites!

The two trails are the Nelly Bay Snorkel Trail and the Geoffrey Bay Snorkel Trail. Be sure to keep an eye out for giant clams on each of the trails. Some are up to 30 years old and weight over 100kg.

The Nelly Bay Snorkel Trail starts 100m off the beach and offers easy access for beginners – follow the white surface floats. You’ll be able to spot Lettuce, Cauliflower, Boulder and Staghorn Corals along this trail.

The Geoffrey Bay Snorkel Trail begins 390m off the beach and the offers a variety of marine life around the Moltke wreck. The Moltke wreck is a German passenger and cargo ship that was sunk, or scuttled, deliberately more than 110 years ago in 1911!

For a small donation of just $5 you can pick up a snorkel trail swim card from outlets across Magnetic Island* and at the SeaLink Travel Desk. This small fee supports the maintenance of the trails. When you’re finished with your card be sure to leave it in the drop box at the start of each trail so they can be recycled.

*The other locations around Magnetic Island that you can get a snorkel card include SeaLink Breakwater Terminal, Magnetic Island Post Office, Tropical Topless Car Rentals, Fish’n Fuel’n, Base Magnetic Island, Pro Dive, Pleasure Divers, Arcadia Newsagent, Aquasearch, Island Palms, Horseshoe Bay Foodworks and Magnetic Island Museum.

Top tips and important notes:  Please do not stand on coral or hold onto the sub-surface numbered floats.
Water clarity is poorer during and after south-east winds and avoid very low or high tides during new or full moon phases.
It’s important to remember that marine stingers might be present throughout the entire year in tropical Queensland, with the risks higher during the marine stinger season that runs from November to May. Protective swimwear is required. Please visit the Marine Stingers information Surf Life Saving Queensland for more advice.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Magnetic Island Snorkel Trails by SeaLink Queensland.

Staying at Mariners North Holiday Apartments it’s just a short stroll to the SeaLink Ferry Terminal to Magnetic Island. The journey for this day trip to Magnetic Island from Townsville takes just twenty minutes and 18 ferry services depart daily. Book your Townsville to Magnetic Island Return Ferry Transfer here.

image courtesy of Townsville Enterprise.